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Company Analyst Email Address
CGS-CIMB Research Lock Mun Yee
Citi Research Cheryl Tan
CLSA Singapore Wong Yew Kiang
Credit Suisse Equity Research Terence Lee
DBS Group Research Derek Tan
KGI Research Joel Ng
Lim & Tan Securities Singapore Research Team
Maybank Kim Eng Research Chua Su Tye
OCBC Investment Research Chu Peng
Phillip Securities Research Natalie Ong
RHB Securities Vijay Nataraja
UOB Kay Hian Research Johnathan Koh

Analyst Reports

Company Date Title
UOB Kay Hian Research 17 May 2021
On the lookout to capture growth
RHB Securities 12 May 2021
Banking on US economic recovery
OCBC Investment Research 12 May 2021
Looking for growth opportunities in magnet cities
Philip Securities Research 12 May 2021
Leasing headwinds despite rebound
DSB Group 11 May 2021
Look ahead for medium-term tailwinds
Maybank Kim Eng Research 11 May 2021
Eyeing Growth
CGS-CIMB 11 May 2021
Maintaining portfolio resilience
UOB Kay Hian Research 1 Apr 2021
US Recovery in Motion
Philip Securities Research 10 Feb 2021
Outperforming market occupancy and sub-leasing
DBS Group 9 Feb 2021
Keenly eyeing business park
OCBC Investment Research 9 Feb 2021
Riding the recovery of the US economy
RHB Securities 9 Feb 2021
Looking to reposition in its portfolio, stay buy
Maybank Kim Eng Research 8 Feb 2021
Bolstering Yield
CGS-CIMB 8 Feb 2021
Impacted by provisions
KGI Research 13 Aug 2020
Rethinking office spaces after the pandemic
Phillip Securities Research 5 Aug 2020
Portfolio bulwarked against short-term uncertainty
RHB Securities 4 Aug 2020
In a good position to weather challenges
OCBC Investment Research 4 Aug 2020
Performance remained resilient
Maybank Kim Eng Research 4 Aug 2020
Staying at work
CGS-CIMB 3 Aug 2020
Staying resilient
DBS Group Research 6 Feb 2020
Level up!