Manulife US Real Estate Management Pte. Ltd. (MUSREM) IR Policy

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  1. General IR Policy
    1. This Investor Relations Policy outlines the principles and practices followed by the Manager of Manulife US REIT (MUST) to ensure regular, effective and fair communication of accurate and timely information to the investment community in order that current and prospective Unitholders are able to make well-informed investment decisions.
    2. The Manager of MUST (the Manager) is committed to ensuring that material information is disclosed in a timely, transparent and unbiased manner in accordance with the listing rules of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) (including the SGX-ST’s corporate disclosure policy set out in the listing manual of the SGX-ST) and current best practices and taking into account the Code of Corporate Governance 2018.
    3. All disclosures by the Manager are made through SGXNET and are available on MUST’s corporate website.
    4. This policy is subject to regular reviews and updates by the Manager to ensure its effectiveness.
  2. Communication Guidelines
    1. Manager will communicate to Unitholders and the investment community in a clear and factual manner.
    2. The Manager will communicate only through designated spokespersons, who will regularly engage Unitholders and the investment community to address any concerns and solicit feedback.
    3. Generally, the Manager will not respond to any rumours or market speculation. However, in the event that information or rumours indicate material information has been leaked or is inaccurate or otherwise to avoid the establishment of a false market in the units of MUST, clarifications will be made as soon as practicable through SGXNET in accordance with the SGX-ST’s corporate disclosure policy set out in the listing rules of the SGX-ST.
  3. Financial Results Announcements
    1. With effect from FY2020, MUST will adopt the announcement of financial statements on a half-yearly basis. All financial statements, presentation slides and press releases will be made available on MUST’s corporate website and disclosed through SGXNET.
    2. Analyst and Media briefings/conference calls are conducted by the Manager on the announcement date of half-year and full-year financial results in order for media and analysts to construct learned views on MUST.
    3. The Manager observes a “blackout period” and will refrain from commenting on MUST’s financial performance and industry outlook two weeks before the release of its half-year results and one month before the release of its full-year financial results as per the listing rules of the SGX-ST.
    4. The Manager will continue its regular and effective stakeholder engagement initiatives to keep unitholders updated on material developments between the announcements of half-year and full-year financial results.
  4. Webcasts
    1. “Live” audio webcasts of half-year and full-year financial results briefings are hosted on MUST’s corporate website. Participants may raise their questions via the system during the “live webcast”. Post such briefings, archived webcast recordings will be made available on MUST’s corporate website for up to one year.
  5. Property Videos
    1. Videos of all properties and acquisitions are available on MUST’s corporate website to provide Unitholders and the investment community with a better understanding of MUST’s properties and their respective submarkets.
  6. Annual and Sustainability Report
    1. These reports are published in order to provide Unitholders and the investment community with an overview of MUST’s financial, operational and ESG performance, as well as key strategies and market outlook.
    2. Both the latest and archive copies of these reports are available on MUST’s corporate website.
  7. Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
    1. Annual reports will be made available to Unitholders before the annual general meeting (AGM) in compliance with applicable notice periods. When an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) is convened, a copy of the relevant Unitholder circular will be sent to Unitholders containing information on the relevant resolutions that will be raised for Unitholders’ consideration and approval at the EGM. Notices of AGMs and EGMs will also be published in the local newspapers and released through SGXNET. Unitholders are able to appoint proxies to vote on their behalf in accordance with the Trust Deed of MUST should they be unable to attend the meeting in person.
    2. Unitholders are divly encouraged to attend AGMs and EGMs to communicate their views on matters pertaining to MUST. They are able to raise questions on the motions being considered at these meetings where representatives of the Directors (including the Chairman of the Board, ARC and NRC) and senior management of MUST will be present to address their questions and clarify any issues on the proposed resolutions being deliberated. The external auditors of MUST will also be present to address enquiries on MUST’s audit and financial statements.
    3. Generally, each substantially separate issue is proposed as a separate resolution (unless the issues are interdependent and linked so as to form one significant proposal) to protect the interests and rights of Unitholders. Every resolution proposed at a general meeting will be conducted through electronic voting to ensure full transparency in the voting process. Unitholders and their proxies present at these meetings are able to vote on all proposed resolutions at these meetings (unless required to abstain) and the voting and vote counting procedures will be disclosed at these meetings.
    4. Minutes of the general meetings, recording of the substantial and relevant comments made, questions raised and responses from the Board and management are uploaded on MUST’s website.
  8. MUST’s Corporate Website
    1. All publicly available information including annual reports, sustainability reports, press releases, presentations, factsheets and property videos are available on MUST’s dedicated corporate website at MUST’s trading price is reflected on the website with 15-minutes delay. Stock fundamentals and trading history are also available on the website and are updated at the end of each trading day.
    2. Unitholders may subscribe to email alerts at to receive company announcements and releases on SGXNET.
    3. Unitholders are encouraged to send in their general inquiries to All inquiries will be attended to within 2 business days.
    4. Unitholders may refer to for more information on MUST.
  9. Communication with the Investment Community
    1. The Manager engages the investment community regularly through media and analysts briefings, one-on-one meetings, non-deal roadshows, conferences and conference calls.
    2. Site visits in U.S. which may include meetings with property market experts such as valuers are conducted to showcase our properties and educate the investment community.
  10. Unitholders’ Enquiries
    1. For updating of personal particulars, please contact CDP at:
      Central Depository (CDP Customer Services)
      Address: 9 North Buona Vista Drive, #01-19/20, The Metropolis, Singapore 138588
      Tel: (65) 6535 7511
      Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.00pm, Saturday: 8.30am to 12.00pm
    2. Unitholders may contact our unit registrar at:
      Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.
      Address: 50 Raffles Place, #32-01 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
      Tel: +65 6536 5355
      Fax: + 65 6536 1360
      For Enquiries:
      For Share Registry Services:
    3. For any enquiries on tax forms, please contact us at:
      Manulife US Real Estate Management Pte. Ltd.
      Address: 8 Cross Street, #16-03, Manulife Tower, Singapore, 048424
      Tel: +65 6238 0222
      Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 6.00pm, excluding Public Holidays
    4. For any investor relations enquiries, please email your questions directly to Head of Investor Relations, Carol Fong at or +65 6801 1066. Unitholders may also send in general inquiries to